mac book如何上外网

Hi, I'm Advay. I enjoy reading, football, and interesting conversations.

mac book如何上外网

I’m a masters student of Computer Science at Stanford University. I did my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the National University of Singapore, and I grew up in Kolkata, India.

I spend a lot of time reading books or online articles, and playing or watching football (soccer). I've also built stuff, and have tried different things.

mac book如何上外网

Software Engineering Intern
Jun '20 - Aug '20

I'll be a software engineering intern at Nuro in summer 2020, on the infrastructure team.

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Sep '19 - Present

I'm a teaching assistant for Stanford's Deep Learning class, under Kian Katanforoosh and Professor Andrew Ng. My responsibilities include holding office hours, grading assignments, and conducting sections.

Software Engineering Intern
Jun '19 - Aug '19

I decided to try and do something completely out of my comfort zone, and spent the summer of 2019 interning at Zilliqa, a startup focused on applying sharding to build scalable blockchains. I worked on more efficient communication between the core Blockchain process and the Smart Contract interpreter, and my work led to a reduction in communication overheads from linear constant. I also built a dApp as part of a marketing campaign.

Undergraduate Researcher
Aug '18 - Apr '19

I worked on mitigating the effect of adversarial client nodes in 2022ssr美国高速路线节点 as part of my Final Year Dissertation.

Software Engineering Intern
May '18 - Jul '18

I spent the summer at the Apple HQ working on Machine Learning Infrastructure for Siri. I built a search indexing system to efficiently query Siri's ontology, and was selected to present my project to the head of Siri (Apple VP).

Software Engineering Intern
Feb '18 - Apr '18

I took a semester off from school to intern at Twitter again. I worked on Applied Machine Learning for the Twitter Home Timeline. I used Deep Neural Networks to build predictive models for user engagement on videos. I launched many iterations of experiments to evaluate the performance of the models on production traffic.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Aug '16 - May '19

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Software Engineering Intern
May '17 - Aug '17

I spent the summer of 2017 at the Twitter HQ in San Francisco working on ssr节点购买网站 as part of the Responsive Web Team. I worked in React, Redux, and ES6. I built Twitter Lite's Live Video experience, and worked on integrating the Chrome credentials management API. All my code was shipped, and used by over 6 million users daily.

Undergraduate Researcher
Jan '17 - Nov '17

I explored the use of Bayesian Optimisation and Automatic Differentiation for tuning the hyperparameters of Machine Learning algorithms, as a part of NUS' Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). I played around with PyTorch and learnt a lot about Statistics and Machine Learning.

President (2017/18), NUS Hackers
Apr '16 - May '19

I was a part of the Coreteam (and former President) of NUS Hackers, a student group dedicated to spreading Hacker culture in NUS and Singapore. I've helped organise Singapore's largest student run hackathon, organised weekly technical talks with speakers from the Industry/Academia, conducted workshops in technical topics for 50-100 students, and started a mock technical interview initiative.

May '16 - July '16

I spent the summer of 2016 working as a Full Stack Web Developer at Xfers, a startup from the YCombinator Summer batch of 2015 looking to simplify the Payments process in Southeast Asia. I helped build an onboarding system used daily by customers and also built an internal analytics dashboard.

mac book如何上外网


Working in a team of 2 to build a compiler for the ssr购买高速节点 programming language. This includes lexing, parsing, semantic analysis, code generation, and a little bit of optimization.

Jan '20 - March '20

Worked in a team of 2 to implement core functionality for the Pintos operating system, as part of my university's infamously difficult Operating Systems class. Designed and built a virtual memory system, a file system, various system calls, and different thread scheduling algorithms.


Worked in a group of 3 to devise a modification to the MAML algorithm for multimodal task distributions. You can view the code and report here.

Programming Languages
Sep '19 - Dec '19

As part of my university's programming language class, I worked on 9 assignments through the quarter. Notable assignments included an OCaml interpreter for a typed extension of the Lambda Calculus, a simplified TCP implementation in Rust, an implementation of futures in Rust, and automated proofs for an arithmetic language in Lean. You can view all the course assignments here here.


We built a bot for collecting students' attendance in tutorials using the telegram api, google spreadsheets api and redis. You can view the code here. A modified version of the bot is currently being used to collect attendance in all tutorials for a class with over 400 students.

Deep RL: Breakout
Oct '18

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Distributed Maze Game
Sep '17

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Labelled Faces in the Wild
Sep '17

A Convolutional Neural Network for the group project of a class, for a subset of the Labelled Faces in the Wild dataset. We applied data augmentation, automated hyperparameter tuning, and explored the use of the 免费ssr节点2022 architecture. I personally worked on automated hyperparameter tuning, and the base CNN architecture in Keras. You can view the code here.

April '17

An IOS App that allows you to customize musical tracks and augment them with musical effects. You can learn more about the app, and see the code here. This project was built in a group of 4 and won the Best Project Award at my University's Biannual Showcase. I personally worked on designing APIs and data models, as well as integrating cloud-backed syncing and sharing features.

Tetris AI
March '17

A Java based Tetris playing AI for the group project of a class. We used a combination of Genetic algorithm and a Particle Swarm optimisation routine along with multithreading to build an agent that cleared over 2 million lines. You can view the code here.

Sep '16

A Web App that takes in the Twitter handles of two people, uses the Twitter API to fetch the tweets of the people, and uses a 小火箭节点购买网站 to generate new tweets, which it then places side by side in the form of a verbal battle. You can try it out here and view the code here. This was built at a hackathon in a team of four. I worked on the backend and on developing the Markov Model.

March '16

An HTML5 Canvas based Tetris clone that I built personally on the side. I had immense fun coming up with the logic for the various actions in the game. You can try it out here and view the code here.

Other School Projects

Other school projects include a simple HTTP Server, a reliable File Transfer Protocol over UDP, a simple Shell, and simple 高速的ssr节点分享网站 based on the Vector Space and Boolean Retrieval Models.

Other Personal Projects

Other personal projects include an IOS App built with Firebase to connect people with similar interests together for events, a simple IMDB Scraper, and a simple Blog built on the LAMP Stack.

mac book如何上外网


I love playing Football. I've represented my faculty in NUS' Inter Faculty Games, and my residential college in NUS' Inter College Games. I was also on my High School team for 6 years. Apart from that, I've won a silver medal at a State Level athletics meet while in school, and also enjoy Tennis and Swimming.

Creative Writing

I enjoy writing stories in my free time. In the past, I've won a Silver Award at the International Royal Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition, and had a story published in a book sold nationally.


I served as the School Captain (equivalent of Head Boy) while in High School. In University, I was a peer mentor in the University Scholars' Program, and was responsible for guiding juniors through some of the problems they face in University.

Debating and Public Speaking

I was a part of my High School Debate team, and have participated in a few competitions.


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